Supply Chain Insights, Not Just Data

Today you need insights. You need to know what is happening in your supply chain, from a warehouse to a customer shelf. TVA unifies your processes and information to help you make smarter, well informed decisions.

Trusted by the World’s Largest Supply Chain

TVA’s cloud-based capabilities and many device partners provide real-time access to all supply chain functions, ensuring a single consistent view of assets, shipments, and other material.

A transit report is great, but…

What if you could see inventory and asset losses before they happen? TVA identifies trends to increase profits, monitors and prevents accidental damages, and solves supply chain issues before they impact your operations.

Alerts and Notifications

Get alerts for parameter deviations and set triggers like arrival dates to receive desktop and mobile notifications and keep your supply chain on track. Using real-time sensor data and precise geofences, TVA monitors all material and information for hands off alerting and trend analysis.

Predictive Modeling

TVA’s AI takes in-transit location data and builds upon it. Our Inventory Models provide actionable information to make decisions before disruptions occur, and ensure optimal stocking levels are properly maintained.

Unified Data

Get a comprehensive view of your data. TVA ties together your in-transit asset-location fused with geospatial information to provide context and awareness to all logistics operations.

Analytics and Reporting

Review intuitive analytics and automatically generate reports to optimize your supply chain for increased profits and accelerated business growth.

We Make Your Data Smarter

TVA is vendor agnostic. We build on top of your current devices, infrastructure, and data platforms, allowing you to leverage current investments while expanding your team’s capabilities. With TVA, we augment existing components and build new integrated capabilities for your future logistics challenges.

Make Better Supply Chain Decisions

We don’t just show you where your stuff is, we tell you what that means. TVA is a customizable, modular cloud platform designed to reduce risk and optimize workflows in your supply chain, providing valuable insights into every shipment tracked, asset managed, and order processed.

Get More Value From Your Data

TVA provides meaning to your data. Data without context is meaningless, and TVA brings an integrated awareness to your full supply chain, from assembly line to suppliers to a customer receiving area.

Affordable Technology

Low-cost sensors provide detailed and accurate information about your assets in real-time. TVA builds on top of your current system and integrates with your current infrastructure.

Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions

Get notified and make critical decisions BEFORE you take unnecessary and expensive supply chain losses that you can prevent or prepare for.