Make the Cloud a Strategy, Not Just a Destination

Many organizations are migrating to the cloud. Doing it right means recognizing the cloud is more than an offsite data-processing resource—it’s also a strategic opportunity to secure, enhance, and expand your digital capabilities.


Migrating to a Better Home

Management and maintenance by the cloud-services provider relieves your organization of these hardware and operational responsibilities. Transferring applications and data from on site to hosting on a remote architecture that provides computing, storage, and application resources to accelerate capability development while minimizing unnecessary activities.

Reduce Costs and Enhance Capabilities

While an onsite server incurs costs 24/7, a cloud contract bills only for actual services utilized—by the second or less. The vast portfolio of cloud services lets you incrementally improve current capabilities and add competitive new ones offering scalability and the latest security. Offloading infrastructure and other management functions provides savings for both equipment and personnel, ensuring your team stays focused on your organizational goals.

A Fast Start for a Long-Term Roadmap

We analyze your software solution, deconstruct the functions, requirements, and capabilities, and produce a plan of action to map it against cloud service capabilities. The cloud is much more than compute and storage, and Tactical Edge works hand in hand to build a plan to incrementally adopt and utilize a range of cloud services for your organization. With this roadmap, you minimize risk and increase the velocity of your team and it’s capabilities.

Cloud Migration is Risk Management

A successful migration to the cloud is a risk mitigating process, ensuring that your systems and capabilities are managed against infrastructure risks, system failures, and other operational faults.

End of Life

Give your software enough time and its provider will eventually decide to pull the plug, ending support and leaving your organization stuck with software bugs.


Using cloud-based security solutions, Tactical Edge helps to build a “defense in depth” strategy, creating multiple layers of protection between adversaries and your critical data and capabilities. Leveraging zero-trust mechanisms, dynamic encryption capabilities, and self-monitoring security infrastructure, the cloud environment is locked down tight.

Client Expectations

Your clients’ needs and demands will continue to increase and change yet outdated software comes up short. Keep pace with your customer needs with a system that’s easily modified.

Free Up Your Developers to Get Down to Business

By migrating routine infrastructure responsibilities that can more economically be handled in the cloud, you can liberate your own developers to apply their talents to initiatives that focus on business value. Using cloud-based application services for machine learning, data processing and analytics, and a wide range of other functions, your applications can be empowered to move forward, rather than rebuilding the wheel and losing your competitive advantage.