Does Your Software Testing Need a Reboot?

Tactical Edge Strategic Testing (TEST) is an independent, unbiased, third-party testing service executed by modern software experts.


Is Your Reporting a Conflict of Interest?

TEST is an impartial assessment of technical projects. Our TEST Team has created a standardized process that delivers functional, quality and security tests.

3rd Party Testing You Can Trust


Through years of conducting software testing on U.S. Government solutions, we’ve developed a standardized and proven testing protocol that that delivers functional, quality, and security tests.

Targeted & Weighted

Our method isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our team weighs your project’s priorities and goals to develop a targeted and focussed testing procedure, providing a holistic analysis across many areas of focus.

Easy to Understand

A clear and concise report, shareable across your organization. Unified TE|ST reports are aggregated 2-3 page documents that make the current state and trends easily viewable.

Actionable Reporting

TE|ST delivers reports with a clear PASS/FAIL rating. You’ll know whether your software is deployable, and which deficiencies (if any) need to be addressed.

Finally, A Test Report You Can Understand!

Our 2-3 page Unified TE|ST Report is an aggregate that makes current states and trends of your software easily viewable. Our team creates a weighted spider graph (right) that provides a clear view of how your system performs across all areas of focus.


Proven Software Testing

Tactical Edge worked with the U.S. Marine Corps to develop MLS2, a suite of logistics systems that’s a critical part of the USMC supply chain.

TEIST is a product of the testing process created to automate testing and reporting for the development of all three MLS2 systems.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Tactical Edge | Strategic Testing validates, verifies, and scores your project in a process-driven model. Your team will walk away with the confidence and support to make data-driven decisions.