Efficiency, Consistency, Security, and Functionality.

Attempting to achieve multiple goals with a software pipeline, fed by multiple teams of specialists, is inherently complex and challenging. DevSecOps reveals and eliminates the inefficiencies that interfere with organizational processes within teams and the fences that impede inter-team collaboration.

Uniting Software

Uniting Software Development, Security, and Operations Management.

A secure and repeatable process for managing, deploying, and maintaining software by integrating the activities of all the involved teams. This automated and orchestrated strategy breaks down organizational barriers to build security and accountability into the workflow at every step.

Boost Output, Speed and Quality

Integrating and codifying the entire process, including development, security, testing, release and configuration management, ensures total accountability for your software product. So you can produce more, faster, with security scans and audits to track the integrity of the final result.

Slash Your Development Timeline

DevSecOps enables faster iterations, potentially completing a two-week release cycle in as little as ten minutes while maintaining acute oversight. A pipeline that guides code through a series of gates, which can pause the process if an issue with security, stability, or functionality arises.

Eliminate Organizational Inefficiencies

Avoid busy work and low-value coordination activities with a repeatable, automated and centrally managed strategy. Our process and tools support your team so they don’t need to manually drive events forward through the pipeline.

Integrated Dashboards Reveal Development Realities

DevSecOps brings insight and oversight to the often opaque software development process. It provides managers with a unified view across a project or portfolio of projects, offering metrics that aid in achieving consistency in both quality and production.