Total Visibility Anywhere

Integrated Supply Chain Visibility
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Platform

Traditionally, leveraging an integrated view of supply chain functions has been difficult and costly to achieve. Our team at Tactical Edge has proven it doesn’t have to be either. Introducing the expanded capabilities of Total Visibility Anywhere.


  • Provides low-cost, integrated access to data across all your supply chain functions


    From customer orders to warehouse operations and shipments, TVA builds on technology trusted by the U.S. military—the world’s largest supply chain—to improve enterprise performance by providing high-quality data that enables new insights and collaboration across teams.


  • Delivers higher quality data that saves time and money, and improves your team’s agility


    Better data quality and processes remove constraints that impair decision making, so you can improve results across your logistics teams.


  • Eliminates “stove-pipe” applications that restrict data flow


    Free your supply chain from applications that don’t share resources or data with other apps. TVA lets you replace them with integrated capabilities that work together, improving productivity rather than impeding it.


  • Flexible technology that adapts easily to your future needs


    TVA is a technology-agnostic solution designed for easy integration with your current logistics software. It lets you build on your existing investments with the freedom to integrate new technologies to meet your growing and evolving requirements.


Shipment monitoring, trend identification and supply chain problem solving all become easier and more effective with TVA’s fully integrated features.



Asset Management

  • Achieve full-lifecycle visibility of material from initial receipt to assignment, tracking and maintenance over time
  • Employ automated, worldwide tracking support via sensors, tags, trackers and other devices

Fleet Management

  • Track, view and assign fleet assets to your team members
  • View positions, assigned users and operational status of all vehicles
  • Group and manage sets of vehicles with consistent visibility into all fleet functions

Shipment Management

  • Manage shipments inbound from suppliers, moving between sites, and outbound to customers
  • Follow defined workflows for inbound and outbound shipments
  • Maintain clear traceability when moving cargo through multi-modal routes and 3PL carriers

Order Management

  • Monitor end-user demand and track supplies arriving at your organization with support for inbound and outbound order processing
  • Manage orders through a full-lifecycle process that integrates with picking, packing and shipping warehouse functions

Warehouse Management

  • Ensure consistency and accountability of all inventory assets with technology that speeds cycle counts, material monitoring and item-level security
  • Identify storage-improvement opportunities using advanced analytics
  • Accelerate picking, packing and shipping with integrated workflows

Request Management

  • Manage, task and track execution of coordinated activities that support your internal and external customers
  • Facilitate cooperation of different organizations responsible for coordination, tracking and execution support

Device/Sensor Management

  • Automate workflows, improve data quality and enhance decision making with real-time data from a wide range of devices
  • Verify appropriate item locations with continuous evaluation of real-time sensor and device data processing that integrates contextual information
  • Monitor fleet operations with integrated vehicle sensors, and track long-range shipments to ensure integrity and security

Here’s how TVA can help your organization:

  • Obtain cost-effective tracking across any device without expensive dedicated hardware purchases and maintenance costs
  • Become more proactive in identifying trends across your shipment-management activities
  • Identify solutions for your customer before a problem is detected
  • Integrate existing enterprise systems for identity and credential management
  • Easily understand activities and trends through intuitive visualizations
  • Leverage fully secured auditing and tracking to ensure full accountability and custody of items across the enterprise
  • Use organizational trends to meet tomorrow’s challenges, and beyond

TVA’s integrated features work together to enable faster and better-informed supply chain decisions:

  • Asset Management keeps end users accountable even in deployed, distributed and work-from-home workforces with flexible tagging and mobile app support
  • Fleet Management ensures tasking, tracking and management of vehicle assets reflects your organization’s top priorities
  • Shipment Management lets you view, track and manage shipments across any carriers without their support, and monitor for shock, breakage, impacts or unauthorized access/tampering
  • Order Management unifies tracking and planning for internal and external customers across functions ranging from requests to warehouse processes
  • Warehouse Management links to asset and order management functions for a consistent, comprehensive inventory view that simplifies validation for faster counts and full accountability
  • Request Management ensures an efficient execution flow and smooth team coordination by integrating asset tasking, material requirements and personnel assignments into a single view
  • Device/Sensor Management lets you incrementally adopt new onsite and remote tracking technologies to enhance workforce health and safety, shipment integrity, asset accountability and position monitoring