Total Visibility Anywhere

Asset Visibility Anytime, Anywhere, Any Platform

Traditionally, shipment tracking has been difficult-and costly. However, we at Tactical Edge do not feel that it has to be either. Introducing, Total Visibility Anywhere


  • Provides low cost access to the current state and location of your assets, shipments, and vehicles


    TVA provides real time location and status location for your assets in transit, so you always know where your stuff is and what conditions it is facing


  • Information on your assets available to you on your terms


    Business today is done on the move, and TVA provides the information you need across all of your devices and systems, using visualizations designed to make comprehending information quick and easy


  • Real-time alerts and notifications let you know the moment something did (or did not) happen


    Managing in bulk is difficult when you have hundreds or thousands of items at a time. TVA’s alerts and notifications allow you to manage by exception. Letting you know the moment something did, or did not, occur, so you can take corrective actions immediately on your troubled assets


  • Operational in any communication environment


    Tactical Edge leverages technology designed for the US military (the largest supply chain operation in the world) to ensure that TVA is fully capable, regardless of the communication environment


TVA’s rich feature set provides our clients with the information they need using tools they already have



Data Collection

  • Assets are easily associated with a driver and tracked using the TVA mobile app
  • Low cost sensors can be used to provide detailed information about the current conditions of the asset, including temperature, exposure to moisture, or shocks and vibration.


  • Get alerts before something bad happens so you can prepare contingency plans before your customers worry

Visualizing the Data

  • TVA helps turn real-time data into actionable information through a series of graphs and visualizations
  • The built-in graphs, predictions, and visualizations spot trends that are helping, or hurting, your profitability


  • Cloud-hosted solution streamlines deployment and avoids upfront costs and expensive hardware

TVA can help your organization:


  • Obtain cost effective tracking across any device without expensive dedicated hardware purchases and maintenance costs
  • Become more proactive in identifying trends across your shipment management activities
  • Identify solutions for your customer before a problem is detected
  • Integrate existing enterprise systems for identity and credential management
  • Easily understand activities and trends through intuitive visualizations
  • Leverage the fully secured auditing and tracking to ensure full accountability and custody of items across the enterprise
  • Use organizational trends to meet tomorrows challenges, and beyond