Tactical Edge Inc. Awarded Single-award Contract to Modernize MAGTF Logistics Support Systems


September 2018 – Tactical Edge, Inc. has been awarded a prime, single-award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract award with Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM). The contract award, worth up to $49 million split over 5 years, was awarded to modernize three of the systems within the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Logistics Support Systems (MLS2) software suite. This effort will focus on consolidating the three systems that make up the MLS2 software suite, into a single baseline utilizing a single Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach to reduce the total lifecycle sustainment costs while improving data quality and end-user capabilities.

The effort kicked off on September 5, 2018, with development, Information Assurance (IA), management, and support work being performed at multiple sites around the world. It’s an exciting time according to Tactical Edge Chief Technology Officer, Paul Danckaert:

“We feel our approach will bring new agility to the MLS2 program, with increased flexibility in software development and distribution, and in the secure distribution and management of data world-wide. This model will serve as a new baseline, enabling our team to leverage this foundation to create innovative capabilities while reducing the ongoing operational costs.”

The three systems that make up the MLS2 software suite include Common Logistics Command and Control System (CLC2S), Transportation Capacity Planning Tool (TCPT), and the Storage Retrieval Automated Tracking Integrated System (STRATIS). STRATIS is also supported via a Secure Wireless (Air Fortress) infrastructure, enabling flexible warehouse management capabilities. Together, these systems provide a variety of Logistics-focused functions to the warfighter, including request management, supply and asset management, transportation planning, warehouse management, and secure wireless networking.

To provide best value to our government clients, Team Tactical Edge includes multiple industry stalwarts with a long history of supporting the government and extensive knowledge in these systems. These partners include CGI Federal, ONE Network, The Columbia Group (TCG), Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), RPI Group, IBM, and Smartronix.

Leading the effort for Tactical Edge will be Retired Marine Colonel Jay Montgomery. With over 30 years of experience supporting and leading Logistics efforts in the Marine Corps, Mr. Montgomery has a wealth of knowledge to share. According to Mr. Montgomery:

“We’re very excited to support MLS2. To the Marine Corps and our National Defense, this program represents a system of systems that is Strategic, Operational, and Tactical in application – it uses and provided information are important to leaders and to the individual Marine. We’ve mustered an incredible team, both in knowledge and motivation, that promises to maintain this system and maximize its effectiveness for the future.”

Tactical Edge is a San Diego-based software engineering company, responsible for designing, developing, and deploying software solutions for the U.S. military and commercial clients. Tactical Edge has a long history of logistics-focused support and development, including the development of new innovative In-Transit Visibility (ITV) solutions for the Navy and Marine Corps. In addition, Tactical Edge develops a range of mobile and distributed applications, data warehouse and analytics solutions, and predictive machine learning-based capabilities. Across the portfolio, Tactical Edge focuses on solving real-world and complex problems using a combination of emerging and proven technologies, best practices, and innovative thinking.

Tactical Edge supports customers in San Diego, CA; Washington, D.C.; Albany, GA; Huntsville, AL; Killeen, TX; and Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The point of contact for additional information about Tactical Edge is listed below.

Contact Name: Peter Vitale, COO
Phone: 858.382.8763

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