Tactical Edge awarded Semantically Enabled In-Transit Visibility contract by Office of Naval Research

Tactical Edge is the Prime recipient of a contract from the United States Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center to deliver a product based on the company’s Semantically Enabled In-Transit Visibility (ITV) research proposal for Office of Naval Research, Logistics Thrust Division.

Tactical Edge brings experience in planning, execution, and deployment of semantically-enabled data systems, and using their expertise to provide insight into all aspects of transportation and asset visibility. This effort leverages Tactical Edge’s experience in developing supply chain management and logistics solutions and products that overcome the limitations of poor communication environments.

This effort entails the analysis of a variety of data sources within the Department of Defense (DoD) to determine timely and accurate sources of ITV data, use that data to populate an Ontology built on relationships between the data schemas, and make the information available in a Data as a Service (DaaS) environment. The production of this consolidated Semantic DaaS solution brings new and exciting capabilities to the US military, by not only enriching the information, but also through streamlining the access and retrieval of it for our forces around the world.

With our Semantic DaaS solution, Tactical Edge is moving beyond the basic data integration environments to create a fully integrated service leveraging both the underlying data and the semantic relationships between it. In conjunction with this effort, Tactical Edge is developing an application leveraging the depth of the team’s experience in logistics, tactical operations, transportation systems, and asset management. The application is uniquely positioned to consume the semantically-enabled data relationships and provide rapid access to targeted information. By performing these functions in a high performance and low bandwidth manner, our solution sets are functional across all DoD environments.

This project will be managed out of Tactical Edge’s east coast office. To learn more about this or other software development efforts being executed by Tactical Edge, email:

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