Tactical Edge Strategic Testing

Finally, an independent software testing service that you can trust.

TE|ST is an independent, unbiased, software testing service executed by experts. Our standardized software testing procedure provides an end-to-end view of your solution. Our comprehensive tests are customized to fit your program’s requirements, producing an easy-to-understand and weighted analysis. You’ll know if your software has passed, or failed, and what needs to happen next.


Our Process:

  • Independent Testing
  • Clear & Concise Reporting
  • Acceptance Testing
  • 3rd Party Testing that You Can Trust

    TE|ST is an impartial assessment of technical projects. Our team brings together a range of functional, quality, and security tests to provide you with an end-to-end view of the state of your solution. We provide a uniform model to track trends across a single system or a portfolio of applications.


  • Standardized

    Through years of working and conducting software acceptance testing on U.S. Government solutions, Tactical Edge has developed a standardized and proven testing protocol that that delivers functional, quality, and security tests.


  • Targeted and Weighted

    Our method isn’t one-size-fits-all. We weigh your project’s priorities and goals to develop a targeted and focussed testing procedure. Whether it’s analyzing code quality, security, cloud readiness, or software deployability, our team provides a holistic analysis across many areas of focus.





Software Testing reports are often long, unfocused, and unclear. Traditional reports are data dumps with no clear assessment of scoring and no clear directives to address critical issues.


  • Easy to Understand Scoring: TE|ST reports normalize data into a clear and concise report that you can share across your organization. Our 2-3 page Unified TE|ST is an aggregate report that makes current state and trends easily viewable.


  • Weighted Analysis: TE|ST delivers an aggregate report that summarizes scores into a weighted spider graph, providing a clear view of how your system is performing across all areas of focus.


  • Pass/Fail With Actionable Directives: TE|ST reports provide a clear gate. Your program will receive a pass/fail rating with next steps to address any deficiencies.

  • The Challenge: Let’s face it. There’s a lack of clarity and transparency in Government Acceptance Testing (GAT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Overseeing GAT and UAT requires expertise in software, hardware, and infrastructure. As project managers, you don’t have the bandwidth to design and oversee acceptance testing. So, you must rely on your contractors to test the very solutions they’ve been hired to build. 


  • It’s a conflict of interest that can lead to biases and human error. Contractors often inaccurately define testing criteria, focus on the wrong areas of the program, and overlook crucial issues, leading to critical mission impacts and costly fixes down the line.


  • The Solution: TEST’s impartial, independent service works to reduce and remove conflict. Government offices and private organizations can now rely on our structured software system for all of their test and application analysis needs