Integrated Mapping Technologies Driving Effective Decisions with Map-Centric Visualization

Leveraging our experience developing map-centric software applications for the United States Military, we design and implement customized visualization solutions for any industry.

  • Determine Appropriate Mapping Technology for your Business Needs

    There are various mapping technologies available in the marketplace. Determining the right one for your business needs can be difficult. We employ our expertise in software solutions with the following technologies to educate our customers on how to select cost-effective technologies that meet current and future business goals.




  • Data Model Optimization for Visualization and Layer Management

    Our data models are optimized to support map-centric visualization with special emphasis on developing models flexible enough to be displayed in any type of view – including two and three dimensional maps and their associated sub-components (overlays, shapes, layers).


  • Geo Reference Data Model Development

    Sometimes data contains only references to location names or identifiers rather than explicit locations (e.g. lat/long). In these situations, linking transactional information to reference location data – backed by adaptive software algorithms capable of making the links between the two – is necessary to connect otherwise unrelated data.


  • Geospatial Event Processes

    Whether it’s a “shipment has arrived” or “truck is off route” notification, geospatial event processing has endless variability. We work with the customer to develop simplistic interfaces for setting up notifications. We determine and implement the appropriate business logic to identify potential transactional and/or geospatial bounds and trigger notifications via email, text and web.


  • Geospatial Analysis and Analytics

    Our engineers develop capabilities to perform complex analysis on large collections of geospatial entities, utilizing existing products including: PostGIS and Oracle Geospatial, SQL Server.

Tailored map-centric solutions to meet your business needs.


  • Proven success implementing map-centric solutions for military and commercial customers across various domains including: logistics, asset management, asset/cargo tracking and pipeline management
  • Extensive knowledge of map-centric technologies
  • Proven track record in building underlining data structures and business logic to support optimal visualization, event processing and analytics
  • Experience designing map-centric systems that operate in Disconnected, Intermittent, Latent (DIL) environments where bandwidth and latency are serious concerns