Fault Tolerant Messaging Critical Communication Assurance in Any Environment

Whether it’s a natural disaster, the battlefield or a third-world country, fluctuating and poor communication environments hinder and prevent data transmission. Applying concepts and technologies derived from engineering solutions for the US Military, we provide our customers with solutions that overcome the challenges of operating in these environments.

After conducting a thorough evaluation of the system’s operational and communication environment, we implement a standards-based fault tolerant message framework to ensure consumers can discover, access and retrieve data in a timely and effective manner.
  • Intelligent Subscription Management and Data Caching

    By consolidating subscription requests for overlapping data, we can reduce duplicate requests and duplicate responses transmitted over limited communication channels. This process allows end-users operating in the same location or supporting the same task – who often request duplicate information – to share single messages.


  • Optimal and Dynamic Routing

    Utilizing a near real-time snapshot displayed on a topology mesh network map, we determine the optimal network path to an end-user. Our weighting mechanism considers nodal characteristics and possible communication paths between publisher and end-user to determine primary, secondary and tertiary paths.


  • Priority Management

    Since bandwidth is limited and connectivity is frequently interrupted, the ability to ensure the most important information for your business needs takes priority. An intuitive interface enables the management of message priority levels based on ever-evolving business requirements.


  • Message Chunking

    When a communication link is severed, the transmission of a payload must be restarted. Chunking large payloads into smaller sizes reduces the amount of data that must be transmitted when communication channels reopen. Additionally, reduced payload transmission time ensures faster transmission of higher priority messages.


  • Standardized Messaging

    Prioritized message transmission is not a new problem, and there are technology standards already in use in the market. We integrate widely adopted technologies like Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) as the underlying support for our messaging solutions to guarantee stability, reliability and interoperability with other systems.


Ensuring systems can operate and communicate effectively in poor communication environments


  • Fault-Tolerant Messaging capabilities increase overall success rate in challenging environments
  • Completion of data transfers executed quickly, as continuous/prolonged network availability is not required
  • More efficient bandwidth usage – aborted data transfers are never wasted