Analytics and Business Intelligence Exploitation of Knowledge and Data

Our agile, cost-effective process produces intuitive visualizations of key analytics via self-service Business Intelligence (BI) tools that enable decision makers to leverage and exploit existing data.


Our BI process quickly defines relevant questions and integrates them with key data sources to develop analytics that answer those questions via intuitive visualizations. Our domain experts, who work closely with our customers to understand their issues, guide our BI architects and software engineers to ensure needs are communicated and met.
  • Define

    In order to determine the appropriate construct for each customer’s needs, we conduct “user story” working groups to determine what decisions will be made, what actions will be taken, and which features and data elements support those activities.


  • Integrate

    By leveraging existing organizational data sources and integrating it with existing tools and leading BI technologies (SQL Server, Tableau, D3JS), we are able to make cost-effective technology insertion recommendations to move an organization to improved, sustainable BI capabilities. Through the Extract-Transform-Load process, we integrate and cleanse data from multiple sources into well-defined data structures. Our iterative approach aligns with the best practices of data mart creation and rapid execution, eliminating the need to develop a data warehouse requiring a large upfront time investment.


  • Analyze

    In order to confirm our assumptions, we analyze the integrated data to revalidate the user stories. We then provide self-service BI tools that allow the customer to manage the analytics through filters and aggregators after the Tactical Edge technical team is gone.


  • Visualize

    Through the development of multidimensional visualizations using color, movement, size and filtering, we provide an easily discernable representation of each user story. We focus on providing visualizations that display required information while ensuring casual users will be able to leverage the information presented without explicit explanation.

Agile, intuitive Business Intelligence tools driving smart decisions


  • Leveraging operational data and existing systems to reduce time and cost investment
  • Self-service, intuitive BI tools that decision makers can use on a daily basis
  • Close collaboration through agile methods that yield timely analytics