IT Portfolio Management

Intuitive, Quantitative IT Portfolio Assessment for Informed Decisions

We enable organizations to accurately assess their enterprise IT capabilities and eliminate antiquated and redundant systems to reduce costs and increase productivity.



  • Technical and Domain Expertise

    Our systems engineers and analysts employ a holistic approach to the engineering process, identifying an organization’s capabilities, constraints and needs. They possess the high-level technical and domain expertise necessary to evaluate systems software architecture, features and operational value.


  • Data Gathering and Knowledge Exploitation

    Our experience in portfolio optimization for large, multi-level organizations – including the United States Marine Corps – has afforded us keen insight into the obstacles that must be overcome to successfully manage data. As such, we understand that management buy-in is as important as technical capability. Our engineers work with all key-players in the organization to ensure an optimal solution. We conduct in-depth analyses to expose and document the systems’ underlying software stack, technologies, architecture and reliance on proprietary software before determining the best way forward.


  • Quantitative and Objective Benchmarks

    Our analytics assess workforce, interface, hardware, software and financial considerations for risks and compare them to best practices to provide our customers with the information required to make well-informed decisions about their IT Portfolio. Our intuitive analytics include:

Tactical Edge provides our customers with the information to make informed business decisions.


  • Comprehensive and clear visibility of your IT Portfolio
  • Identification of redundant and low-value/obsolete activities
  • Informed IT Portfolio investment and rationalization decisions
  • Reduced operating costs resulting in reallocation of investment to growth initiatives

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