Cyber Security

Ensuring Integrity, Confidentiality

and Availability of Data

Tactical Edge designs, engineers and implements military-grade, secure software systems for both commercial and government organizations. Our seasoned security professionals utilize best-of-breed vulnerability and assessment tools to cost-effectively increase your system’s security posture.

  • Infused Security Practices from Design to Deployment

    Our software engineers integrate security layers throughout the entire systems development life cycle. ­From design to development to production, we code security into the system’s hardware, software, enclave and inherited access controls to minimize vulnerability and strengthen security architecture designs.


  • Breadth and Depth of Experience

    Our team­ of Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP)  boasts extensive experience in multi-tier network security technologies.  We have engineered mission assurance category (MAC) 1 classification level (CL) I systems for various military commands, as well as secure enterprise information systems for large corporations.


  • Proper Implementation and Alignment of Security Tools

    To evaluate system security posture, we identify, configure and deploy a suite of best-of-breed security tools and align them with software development milestones, enabling our security engineers to identify and remedy vulnerabilities during the development cycle.




    Our team employs and configures a suite of security tools and practices to support internal audits, including:


    • Information Security Audits and Independent Validation Assessments
    • Certification and Accreditation (C&A) for U.S. Government organizations (both Federal and DoD)

Ensuring integrity, confidentiality and availability of our customer’s data.


  • Secure enterprise software solutions for government and commercial organizations
  • Certified professionals focused on your system’s security
  • Security hardening and compliance, functional testing, documentation and the process development required to protect your resources
  • Built-in security to save substantial time and investment
  • Proven track record engineering secure mission assurance category (MAC) 1 – classification level (CL) I enterprise business and C2/C4ISR system for the US military


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