Secure, Cloud-based IT Portfolio

Management and Optimization

In order to ensure IT systems effectively support business functions in a cost-efficient manner, IT portfolios must be continually monitored and evaluated. As organizations grow and change, new—often duplicative—capabilities are introduced to IT portfolios while older legacy systems that provide limited business value remain embedded in the IT infrastructure.

  • Cost-effective, Secure, and Cloud-based Solution

    TopMast provides a secure, cost-effective, user-friendly, cloud-based IT portfolio management and optimization solution that empowers decision makers to identify and eliminate non-value and duplicative systems to optimize business functionality.


  • Aggregation 

    TopMast aggregates financial, operational and staffing requirement data, which power the notification and reporting engine to answer questions before they are asked.


  • Tailored to Industry

    TopMast also provides extensions for industry specific domains—including healthcare and defense—to ensure that the view of the system is properly matched to its operating environment.


  • Analytic Decision Support

    TopMast features a suite of analytic decision support tools and reports to streamline analysis and assessment of an IT portfolio, enabling decision makers to answer the following questions:


    • What are the high-cost and high-risk systems within the portfolio?
    • What are the benefits/risks of eliminating one system compared to another?
    • What is the true total cost of ownership of this system?
    • What are the biggest cost drivers by technology type and business function?
    • Which applications are actually running and which business function do they support?
    • What is the true cost of a system over an entire lifecycle?
    • What is the cost of moving to cloud services?

Top Mast features a streamlined data management process displayed on a detailed dashboard, and proactive notifications of costs and actions that provide a clear view into an organization’s IT portfolio.


Inventory and Catalog

  • Quickly baseline IT assets through intuitive data entry and easy import features
  • Efficiently baseline the IT portfolio leveraging a complete, agile set of attributes
  • Assign individual owners of systems to distribute data management across team members
  • Receive automatic ratings of system data to detect incomplete or out of date information quickly
  • Leverage a comprehensive set of reference data to ensure data entry is quick and accurate

Visualize and Analyze

  • Effectively quantify the value of systems in relationship to business functions
  • Assess the IT Portfolio across key dimensions of time and categories
  • Detect functional overlaps between systems to determine elimination and cost management processes
  • View and understand dependencies and impacts of systems and the utilization of the system across an organization

 Decide and Optimize

  • Informed investment and rational decision making
  • What-if analysis to support impact assessments of consolidation and elimination approaches
  • Enables creation of simple, custom scoring algorithms to prioritize systems within the IT portfolio
  • Compare costs across systems for cost projection and systems management decision



Top Mast allows organizations to:

  • Gain a complete view of systems and their status across an organization at a glance
  • Better understand cost projections and gain insight into upcoming operational and sustainment costs
  • Delegate the management of systems within the portfolio to the proper individual, avoiding inaccurate and outdated information
  • Leverage the powerful alert notification engine to proactively receive messages of interest for compliance and operational needs
  • Understand the functional distribution of systems in the organization, identifying overlap and potential reduction opportunities

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