Press Release: Tactical Edge Sponsors LPGA Pro

LPGA Rising Star, Emma Talley will Serve as Ambassador of New Asset-Tracking Software,‘Total Visibility Anywhere’

July 10, 2020 (San Diego, CA) — Tactical Edge, a leading logistics and supply-chain IT solutions company, proudly announces that they have signed on to become a sponsor of LPGA pro golfer Emma Talley. Talley will serve as a brand ambassador of Tactical Edge’s new asset tracking solution, Total Visibility Anywhere (TVA).  Talley will adorn the TVA logo during LPGA events for three consecutive seasons. The 2020 LPGA tour begins on July 31 with the LPGA Drive On Championship in Toledo, Ohio.
“The team of TVA and Emma Talley is a winning two-some. Emma is a rising tour star, and Total Visibility Anywhere is the most cutting edge modular, asset-tracking software on the market,” said John Goodman, CEO of Tactical Edge. “Emma will be utilizing the TVA software during the tour, providing her and her team with full visibility of her most important assets, her golf clubs. With the LPGA being one of the first U.S. professional sports leagues to return in 2020, the entire nation will be watching Emma and her fellow golfers this summer. We wish her the best of luck.”
“I look forward to working with Tactical Edge on the upcoming season,” said Emma Talley, LPGA Golfer.

“TVA is an exciting new software that allows companies to track their assets. You’d be surprised how many times our bags go missing on tour. To have the security that I’ll always have visibility of my clubs allows me to concentrate more on my game.”

Total Visibility Anywhere

TVA is an in-transit asset tracking software (SaaS) that provides comprehensive visibility into supply chains. TVA makes it easier, more affordable, and efficient to track supply chain assets in real-time, anywhere in the world. The TVA software helps organi
zations reduce costs and improve organizational agility by tracking assets without dedicated hardware purchases and maintenance.
The modular software seamlessly integrates with existing holistic tracking software and hardware solutions. It’s a turn-key solution for trucking, 3PL, and warehousing companies that want to add visibility to their current comprehensive solution. Tactical Edge proved the effectiveness of TVA by utilizing it within the world’s largest supply chain, The United States Military.
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