Logistics and Supply Chain Management Systems

Adaptive Technology and Solutions to Effectively Manage Your Supply Chain

Applying our extensive experience designing logistics systems for the largest supply chain in the world – the U.S. military – we provide cost-effective, adaptive software solutions and comprehensive direct-support services that help achieve our customers’ business goals.

  • Inventory Control and Reporting

    Accurately reporting products and materials status is crucial to inventory management.  Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and vendors must all carefully manage inventory turns, availability, stocking levels and reorder strategies. Tactical Edge develops intuitive tools that make control and reporting responsibilities easy to use and understand.


  • RFID, On-board Management, Transponder Sensor and Data Integration

    While sensor-based technologies continue to evolve and generate more pertinent data, the complex data derived from these emerging technologies is not always easily manageable for end-users.  Tactical Edge rapidly correlates these complex data sets and displays them in useful and easy to understand display and interface.


  • Distribution, Transportation Management, and In Transit Visibility

    Whether it’s a shipment traveling across the ocean or a part in a warehouse distribution center, accurate visibility is essential. Our team inherently understands the logistics pipeline and implements that knowledge into the DNA of our software applications. Our solutions utilize intuitive graphic displays of product, transportation, warehouse and logistics information on three-dimensional maps, graphically displaying real time shipment status to increase the accountability of your assets for your end-users.


  • Analytics and Decision Support

    The growing complexity of searchable data provides decision-makers with an incredible advantage – if they can harness and exploit it. Our systems access, categorize, extract and display data that gives critical insight to critical information. Our process defines, integrates, analyzes and visualizes data that provides decision superiority for your organization. Using our advanced analytical and optimization tools, we have saved our customers millions of dollars by driving decisions that improve profit margins and streamline logistics and transportation operations.



  • Logistics IT Infrastructure

    Reliable communications are fundamental to operational execution.  Without appropriate IT network planning, communications can be intermittent and latent.  Our expertise designing logistics applications for poor communication environments allows us to assist our customers in planning, developing and optimizing logistics IT network infrastructure.

Adaptive technology, experienced professionals, comprehensive support


  • Extensive experience in the logistics, transportation and supply chain management domain and its underlying data and technologies
  • Extensive experience designing new – and modernizing existing – end-to-end supply chain management IT solutions for military and commercial organizations
  • Map-centric solutions that provide logistics, asset management, asset and cargo tracking and pipeline management features for military and commercial customers