Command and Control (C2) Systems

Enabling Battlefield Information Superiority to

Ensure Decisive, Effective Decisions

Command and Control (C2) systems enable information superiority on the battlefield, providing operators with the information to make decisive, effective decisions. Our C2 systems engineering experience spans the Office of Naval Research (ONR) proof of concept, through design, development and deployment of C2 systems for the US Army’s Project Manager Mission Command (PM MC).

  • Designing Solutions to Support the Mission

    The Tactical Edge team – comprised of both technical experts and former service members – possesses the know-how to create solutions from the customer’s perspective. We enhance decision-making through reliable information systems that facilitate collaboration, battle space awareness and situational awareness. From Movement Control Team Leaders to Logistics Operations Managers, Tactical Edge’s domain experts work with customers to understand their information requirements and how they relate to business and organizational functions.


  • Interoperability

    Net-centric initiatives, secure identification, retrieval and dissemination of information directly influence how today’s C2 systems are designed.

    • We enable information superiority on the battlefield through transitioning stove-piped architectures to Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), enabling systems to expose capabilities in a Global Information Grid (GIG)-compliant manner
    • We implement publish/subscribe messaging architectures, such as Data Dissemination Service (DDS), to data exchange in tactical communication environments
  • Designed to Operate in a Tactical Environment

    The constraints and limitations of tactical communication environments present various challenges. We have designed, deployed and operated software solutions in these often-difficult environments – and made them work. We leverage our experience implementing solutions – including fault tolerant messaging – to overcome the limitations of the tactical communication environment.


  • Secure Design

    Tactical Edge has extensive experience engineering Mission Assurance Category (MAC) 1 Classification Level (CL) I systems for US Army Mission Command, US Marine Corps and other DoD agencies.

    • We design solutions ensuring compliance with Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guide (DISA STIG) and other security policies to ensure a robust, hardened security posture
    • We understand the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) requirements and implementation process
  • Underlying Technologies

    Experience employing technologies common to C2 systems:

    • Messaging Frameworks and Types: Data Dissemination Services (DDS), Publish and Subscribe Services (PASS), Common Messaging Processor (CMP), Variable Message Format (VMF), Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol (AMQP), ZeroMQ and Java Messaging Service (JMS)
    • Frameworks: Command Post of the Future (CPOF)/Command Post Client, Ozone Widget Framework (OWF) Common Operating Environment (COE)
    • Infrastructure: Battle Command Core Services (BCCS), Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services (CANES) and  Agile Core Services (ACS)
    • Map-Centric Technologies: ESRI®, Google Earth™, Nasa Worldwind, Leaflet and VirtualEarth™


Advanced C2 systems that meet operational needs.


  • Extensive experience designing and fielding C2 systems in challenging environments to meet operational needs
  • Veteran subject matter experts who know how to deliver a software product that the warfighter can effectively use with minimal training
  • Design and enhancement of C2 systems required to integrate within complex enterprise architectures
  • Extensive experience designing and deploying C2 systems to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan