Total Visibility Anywhere

Asset Visibility Anytime, Anywhere, Any Platform


Whether you’re managing trucking operations in a third-world country or tracking assets across the globe, Total Visibility Anywhere (TVA) provides clear, accurate information customized to your needs.

TVA allows users to track shipments on the move, manage asset location and easily view information summaries, providing insight into each level of the supply chain. TVA is easy to deploy and requires minimal user training. Flexible and scalable, TVA furnishes users with the targeted information needed to get the job done.

  • Easy Integration and Customization

    Designed to easily integrate with existing logistics, supply chain management and inventory systems, TVA is a customizable solution tailored to your business needs. TVA’s architecture facilitates rapid integration, data fusion and correlation of multiple dispersed data sources into a single view.


  • Operational in Any Communication Environment

    Derived from map-centric decision support systems Tactical Edge has designed for the US military (the largest supply chain operation in the world), TVA encompasses fault tolerant data dissemination to ensure information is exchanged without loss or delay, regardless of the communication environment.


  • Deployable to Any Platform

    TVA can be deployed on any platform, including mobile applications (iPhone, Android), mobile web (Responsive) and desktop environments.


  • Infrastructure-Free Solution

    TVA eliminates the need for costly hardware infrastructure-based solutions such as IUID, Barcodes, Data Matrix and RFID tag-reading systems.


  • Track and Locate – View assets at any time via customized, map-centric dashboard visualization. Users can establish filters to track and locate shipments, vehicles and assets across the supply chain.
  • View Shipment Details – TVA enables users to drill down to the shipment level to manage cargo loads and requirements.  Starting with the conveyance (truck, ship, plane), users can view any associated loads and individual load details, ensuring full situational awareness of load requirements, handling needs and other special instructions.
  • Customized Filters – TVA enables users to construct filters to narrow down search requests to return the exact information desired.  Filters may be applied, saved or shared with team members to ensure consistency across the organization.
  • Spatial Aggregation – TVA provides data aggregation across area, region, country – or any other defined boundary, ensuring a broad view of assets and resources  across the environment of interest.
  • Real-Time Tracking, Alerts and Notifications  – TVA provides rapid access to information via alerts and notifications based on user-defined  triggers. If a  package is idle for too long, exceeding required delivery dates or receiving special handling needs, TVA will push mobile notifications, text messages or email alerts to all interested parties.
  • Barcode Reading  – TVA enables users to directly scan IUID and barcode data on products to minimize delays in data entry, eliminating data loss and corruption from miskeyed or inaccurately entered information.
  • Adaptable and scalable capabilities supporting a full range of client applications including  thin clients, desktop applications and mobile web users.  TVA client applications support disconnected functionality for both offline and online capabilities
  • Fault tolerant data dissemination ensuring information delivery and reception, supporting various distributed clients operating in any and all environments
  • Dynamic near real-time information displayed in customizable interfaces
  • Interface support with external clients using open standards and platforms
  • Map-centric visualization adaptable to any map engine (e.g., ESRI®, Google Earth™, VirtualEarth™)
  • Open architecture and off the shelf capabilities promoting streamlined integration and interoperability with current business systems, including:
    • Integration into enterprise systems for identity and credential management
    • Map Visualization Integration
    • Transaction Auditing and History Retrieval for key system events and actions
    • Trend Analysis to aggregate historical changes over time